A witty, sarcastic young man, Marius considers himself a hit with the ladies. Friendly and approachable, he makes an effort to help newcomers and is always ready to show the heroine the ropes at her new school.

A quiet, thoughtful amateur musician, and unlikely best friend to Marius. Known as 'Prince Marche' in Lower School, he has his own fanclub amongst the younger girls, but is he really as untouchable as he seems...?

The imposing, taciturn Drama Club president, Rhett is on the fast track to a top university and seemingly has time for little else - besides making snide remarks at the heroine's expense, of course.

Tall, dark and handsome, Beck is a consummate ladies' man. You'd think his modelling job and apprenticeship at a tattoo parlour would get in the way of his uni work...

A baby-faced boy from the school down the road, 'Per' spends his days in the pursuit of cool. Girls seem keen on his cherubic looks, but is he really as angelic as he seems?

Loudmouthed and sarcastic, Merle has been best friends with Marius for years - and could be aiming for something more! Despite her slight bitchy streak, she always has time for the heroine and is the go-to girl for school gossip.

Northmain College's talented, studious Head Girl, Dys is a regular Jill-of-all-trades. Shuppin's sister, she has a less than stellar relationship with her sullen twin brother.

Marius' energetic younger cousin, despite being in the year below the heroine Lufika's social circle extends well into Upper Sixth. Friendly and bubbly, Lufika also appears to be good friends with Shuppin - a feat few girls have been able to achieve.

A pint-sized Ice Queen, Lamb is the Head of Year's daughter. Blessed with a sharp tongue to match her intellect, Lamb does not suffer fools gladly, to put it mildly!

The mild mannered president of the failing Music Club, Petime doesn't appear to have many friends. Soft spoken and demure, she speaks the Queen's English like Elizabeth herself!